Cash Pay Fee Schedule

Pre-Enrollment Vaccine/Titer Screening Visit

Cerumen Ear Lavage; unilateral or bilateral

Covid Self Pay or Travel: PCR only (level 1 visit)

Covid Self Pay or Travel: Rapid Antigen only

Covid Self Pay or Travel: PCR
and Rapid

Sports Physical

DOT Exam

PPD (TB Skin Test)

Telehealth visit (Skype, FaceTime or Zoom)

Suture removal for patient who had sutures placed at MVM

Urgent Care: Level 1 Visit

Basic Urgent Care; includes one onsite lab and/or oral medication on site.

Urgent Care: Level 2 Visit

Covid screening with rapid testing, Complex Urgent Care: Multiple complaints, complaints that require off site imaging/labs/referrals, complaints requiring inhalation medication, intramuscular or intravenous medication. Complaints requiring 2 or more onsite labs. Complaints requiring onsite spirometry.

Urgent Care: Level 3 Visit

1 in office surgical/invasive procedure. This includes collection of specimens that may be sent for outside testing, but does not cover cost of outside lab or outside pathology.

Insurances Accepted

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